Crochet craft

Crochet craft belongs to the 17th-19th century, its an Old French/English craft. It was used to make fabric, with interlocking loops of yarn, thread, strands, or other similar materials (wires, fabric) by using metal hooks called crochet hooks. They come in different diameters ranging from 2.0mm to 7.0mm and mostly made of steel, aluminum, wood or plastic, and fiber. I always admired unique Crochet craft, as I used to see my aunt making ponchos, granny squares, jackets, caps, and afghans, using different colors of yarns. I have fond and vivid memories of her, with lots of colored yarn around, needles, crochet hooks of different diameters and colors and beautiful hard and soft covered, crocheting pattern books.

She used to crochet, while relaxing in warm sunny days of winter, in the courtyard on a charpoy and easy chairs in the garden, chatting and having tea. I used to idealize her and appreciate her talent. Always wanted to learn this craft from her. I was in hurry to learn the craft, as I wondered what will happen if something happened to her…….this craft would be gone forever! There would be no one to teach me crochet. As nobody seemed to be interested in this amazing craft because of time or complexity or whatsoever reason, however, they all were interested in placing their orders and getting the completed product. She was generous and gifted people her crochet crafts, which she had made using her precious time. I was always in a hurry to learn crochet and one fine day convinced my mom to buy me crochet hook, yarn of my choice and pleaded her to plan a visit to my favorite Aunt. As I wanted to learn crochet as fast as I can.

It was late seventies, I was in middle school. It was the time when Varanasi was dozed off, in hippie culture and also welcoming lots of tourists from the Western part of the world. I learned to make crochet chains as a beginner. Later, also learned to make caps, pen holders, and pencil pouch. This love for crochet continued  and I kept in touch with the craft once in a while creating cap or doilies, just to make sure, I remember the art. During studies and college years, I used to practice crochet, to keep it alive in me. I made caps and afghans for my kids as and when I used to squeeze time while raising them. My aunt, used to appreciate and encourage me. Her voice is still ringing in my mind, while writing these lines and I am indebted to her, and respect her, for teaching this craft and making me her disciple. Crocheting gives me lot of inner strength and relaxation, when I want to be quite and away from crisis. It also helped me couple of years back, while recovering and conditioning myself and bringing back myself again, during a brief illness. Now after so many years to keep up with this awesome Buffalo winter, beat the cold weather and utilize my time artistically, I have started crochet again and created  small projects, sharing the pictures of the same here. Above all, I taught my kids, to crochet too, in this winter vacation. I have successfully propagated this art further, to my daughters and son as well, with a promise, that they will take the lead now, and help to keep this art alive,………in future!!