Invite Premonitions

Premonitions are reflections of our true soul!! Studies suggest that we all are hardwired for premonitions. The tendency to foresee future is present in all of us, as can be seen from our evolutionary history. This unique ability enabled our ancestors, for longer survival time. Intuitive warnings from, upcoming danger, in their evolutionary early days, helped them to prepare, to face it. They might have been using this precognition ability, to sense the danger ahead and fled the place or prepare themselves in advance to face it. They were thus able to incorporate it gradually in their genes and passed down to next generations successfully. So now these abilities to foresee or predict future have become part of our body system. Only few of us are aware of these unique abilities and practice it. It up to us to recognize and tame them for better use. It can be signaled in any form, you just need to decipher it correctly, by practice.

Premonitions can not be demanded to happen, instead we can invite them in our lives, creating space for them to occur. This requires disciplined life and quite mind and active enough brain to catch, listen and attend messages from your surroundings and also from within— from your inner soul. This can be achieved by either meditation, contemplation, thoughts, study, introspection, focus, concentration, being calm and composed and genuine or as simple as immersing yourself in nature. Point is to put your brain activities to be simple and straight and quiet. In this way, I think, we can become more premonition-prone.

This can be considered as a recipe, for becoming a conscious soul. Connected with both worlds, sending and receiving positive vibes all around you and transcend to next level. Understand the meaning of who we are and our purpose in life. This will help not only to warn you, ahead of danger, as our ancestors, but ……..beyond and more!!