Art as Commerce

Received appreciation in the form of first sale of hand painted trinket box on Etsy. I am excited!

Turtle Trinket Box

A passion for painting, art and crafts, since childhood, a leisure time activity in which I have spent so many hours of my life, has suddenly given me the status of  “commercial artist”!

Nostalgic……. I remember when I was scolded by my mom about forty years ago 🙁 for painting only one socks on a school girl painting and later got the first prize for it, in the same painting competition in Varanasi. Reason I mentioned for painting one socks was : ” I also lost one, when I was riding on a scooter with Papa”.

This was in late seventies when my father purchased his first Blue coloured Lambretta .


Blue Lambretta                                                    Boat ride with my parents and brother in Varanasi



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